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Inclusive Minds® is a collaboration of consultants and campaigners with a passion for inclusion, diversity, equality and accessibility in children's literature.

We develop and deliver innovative projects aimed at creating truly inclusive, diverse and accessible books. 

We work with writers, illustrators, publishers, library professionals, teachers, booksellers, charities, book organisations and – most importantly – children and parents. We've also developed Everybody In charters for the children's book world to help ensure real and long lasting change in the industry.  

Our Philosophy

We believe in breaking down barriers and challenging stereotypes to ensure that every child can access and enjoy great books that are representative of our diverse society. Every child should be able to find themself in books, so mainstream books need to represent every child.

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"Reading is supposed to expand one's horizons. It's supposed to enable people to experience lives and cultures and people they would otherwise never get to – and maybe even discover that the people who live those lives aren't so very different."

Elizabeth Vail, Huffington Post

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