Diversity, Where's the Issue?

Inclusive Minds is delighted to announce it will be running a panel session with a difference on 13 March 2019 at the London Book Fair. Cerrie Burnell (author, actor and TV presenter) and Ade Adepitan (author, Paralympic athlete and TV presenter) will join three young Inclusion Ambassadors (Heather Lacey, Jay Hulme and Rose Robbins) to explore authentic representation in children’s and YA fiction. The innovative seminar will use an interactive approach to discuss why diversity should not be considered an ‘issue’, but something to be included naturally and incidentally.

Speakers will talk about aspects of diversity that reflect their own lived experience and the importance of these being appropriately reflected in books. Discussion will touch on facets of diversity such as BAME representation, disability, LGBT+, neurodiversity and will have a particular focus on intersectionality and its value. The panel will discuss a range of questions including some generated in the lead-up to the seminar through social media and from LBF attendees.

The seminar’s ‘illustrator in residence’ Ros Asquith will create a visual impression of the discussion to be revealed at the end of the seminar. Developed and delivered by Inclusive Minds’ team of young Inclusion Ambassadors, this seminar promises a fresh take on this important and under- explored area.

Inclusive Minds co-founders Alexandra Strick and Beth Cox comment: “We’re grateful to the London Book Fair for hosting our seminar. It really has been led from the front by our Inclusion Ambassadors. We have been growing the Inclusion Ambassadors network over recent months and this Seminar has given us a perfect opportunity for them to be right at the centre of what we do as well as sharing their very valuable knowledge and experience with book fair attendees. We’re looking forward to a lively and engaging session.”

To find out more about the seminar, and book your ticket to attend London Book Fair, visit the LBF website.

Seminar Speakers

Chair: Heather Lacey, Inclusion Ambassador and activist

Jay Hulme, Inclusion Ambassador and poet

Rose Robbins, Inclusion Ambassador and author-illustrator

Ade Adepitan, Author, TV presenter, Paralympic athlete

Cerrie Burnell - Author, actor and TV presenter

Ros Asquith - illustrator/author

About Inclusive Minds

Inclusive Minds is a collective for people who are passionate about inclusion, diversity, equality and accessibility in children's literature and are committed changing the face of children's books.

About Inclusion Ambassadors

The Inclusion Ambassadors Network is a team of young people (and some parents and youth workers) who share a real interest in seeing better representation of one or more facets of diversity. These are individuals (generally aged between 8 and 30) with important first-hand knowledge of particular facets of diversity and a genuine interest in sharing their expertise and experience to the benefit of children’s books.

For further information, please contact:

Press enquiries: Rachael Booth-Clibborn

Inclusive Minds: Alexandra Strick and Beth Cox