Zeki Loves Baby Club

By Anna McQuinn, illustrated by Ruth Hearson

Alanna Books


We all know Lulu and how much she loves stories, but now her younger brother, Zeki, gets to star in his own book. A joyful celebration of all the fun that Zeki has at baby club with his toddler friends. The end papers feature words for favourite songs, information about the benefits of sharing songs and rhymes, and links to the songs and rhymes online.

What we like about it

It's always great to have black characters starring in books, and this is no exception. The playgroup features an ethnically diverse cast of toddlers and parents, and includes a male primary carer. The card format make is seem more 'grown-up' than a board book, but is still sturdy enough for little hands.

Questions & learning points

The representation of black characters in books has been a hot topic of late. Why do you think there is a perception that books with black characters are only for black readers? How do books like Zeki Loves Baby Club help to challenge this misconception?


Beth: An effortlessly diverse book that isn't an issue book. I love the obvious fun and enjoyment had by all the characters.

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