Lightning Sketches by Ros Asquith                                                                                   

Inspired by (and doodled live at) the London Book Fair 2019 seminar Diversity: where's the issue?

All images copyright Ros Asquith 2019

Cartoon of two children reading, one asks 'what's a mum and dad?' and the other 'why are all those children so pale?
A baby wears a a baby grow with the slogan 'LADY KILLER' and the sketch observes that 'Straightness is pushed on babies!'
A worried parent asked a child what their teacher told them trans people DO. The child answers that they are plumbers, carpenters, painters, etc
A job interview scenario in which the candidate (a wheelchair user)  is being asked 'What makes you think you're commercially viable?
An adult on either side of a small child are commenting
An editor is explaining to an author
A cartoon version of Jay Hulme is saying