My Mummy is Magic

By Dawn Richards and Jane Massey 

Picture Corgi


A book celebrating the special relationship between a child and his/her mum. Following the mum and child through their day, the child, as all children do, finds magic in the smallest things.

What we like about it

Where to start – from the delightfully androgynous child, to the mixed-race family who are the stars, this book ticks all the boxes. As well as Mum being a fabulous parent, we also see her heading off to work, a situation to which many children will relate. The family set-up is ambiguous – the person left at home when Mum goes to work could be a female partner, a childminder or a relative, making this book particularly relevant for lesbian or single parents.

Questions & learning points

Does the idealistic image portrayed in the book put pressure on mums to be perfect – managing childcare and a full-time job?

Is the single appearance of the secondary adult confusing? Should the relationship have been made clearer?


Beth: An effortlessly diverse book, showing a mixed-race family enjoying all the things any family might. It's always wonderful to see a diverse book that isn't an issue book. I don't think the perfect image portrayed is problematic as this book is a celebration of the relationship and the child wouldn't necessarily pick out anything less than perfect to share in this instance.

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