Together we have a wide range of skills. This list is just a taster of the services that we can offer. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like further information.

  • Public Speaking
  • Manuscript and book project consultation
  • Book selection
  • Reviews
  • Book development
  • Creation of book-related resources
  • Provision of diversity expertise on projects and panels
  • Copy-editing and proofreading
  • Design and layout
  • Project management


"We’ve always considered ourselves to be inclusive, but Beth and Alex have helped us achieve our inclusive and diverse remit in a more far-reaching and comprehensive way. As a matter of course, we now include them in our editorial process for every book that we publish. They are always prompt with their responses, make additional suggestions and carry out extensive research to make sure all references are up to date. As we do not yet have the resources to do this work in-house, they have become an essential part of our extended team."

Neil Burden 
Publisher, Child's Play (International) Ltd.

"Working with Inclusive Minds has opened my eyes to the myriad decisions in a book's creation that determine its accessibility. From discussions around typefaces and spots colours, to shaping the messages embedded in a book's text and artwork, their advice and feedback has heightened my awareness of what contributes to a book being truly inclusive."

Anna Ridley
Commissioning Editor, Children's Books, Tate Publishing

"Your expertise has been invaluable to us in planning one of our forthcoming titles. Your careful eyes and methodical journey through the illustrations — the words and worlds we had chosen to show in pictures — ensured that the book worked inclusively at every level.The team at Barefoot would welcome more of your expertise, both in our editorial work and to open the studio and our Barefoot world to as many children and families as possible."

Katie Livesey 
Commissioning Editor, Barefoot Books

"Inclusive Minds has been providing the Autumn Group with invaluable insights into children’s book publishing with diversity and equality themes across children’s genres."

Anne Weinhold 
Senior Brand Manager, Autumn Group

"The material provided is current and informative. More than this, the way it is presented is engaging and stimulating. As a training provider, Inclusive Minds delivers the knowledge needed to enable staff to work effectively and confidently in this area of publishing.."

Dr. Sally Hughes, Principal Lecturer in Publishing
 Oxford International Centre for Publishing Studies