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Support the Inclusive Minds 2017 crowdfunding campaign

The founders of Inclusive Minds have been working in inclusion and diversity in children’s books for over ten years. There’s been a lot of talk in this area and, more recently, some fabulous concrete action. But, with the renewed interest in inclusion, now is the time for real change.

But who is going to make that change actually happen? 


You can make a real difference. By supporting the Inclusive Minds crowdfunding campaign, you can help ensure that children’s books include a diverse range of characters who are truly authentic. 

Early contributor bonus:

We've got an exciting range of perks for backers, and those who contribute in the first few days* of the project will also be entered into a draw to receive an exclusive goody pack - a limited edition Inclusive Minds tote bag with various goodies, including a signed Malorie Blackman book and a limited edition artwork print.

*Only those who donate before midnight on Thursday 2nd March 2017 will be eligible for the draw.

The plan

Our plan to instigate real change involves children and young people  – the people who know most about what they want to see represented in books and how.  

Where real inclusion in books is concerned, thorough research is vital. With your support, we will develop an extensive network of ambassadors for inclusion. Young people with real experience of marginalisation who can share their unique expertise (covering all facets of diversity) with the book world. 

Authors, illustrators and publishers will be able to contact us with ideas, questions or manuscripts that they wish to discuss with relevant young people. We will share the opportunity with our network and make positive connections*. Ambassadors may also be available to speak at events and in response to news stories.

* For child protection, under 18s will be contacted via a parent or carer.

As well as helping to dramatically improve authenticity and relevance, this groundbreaking project will give young people themselves a real voice in changing the face of children's books.

A successful pilot has proven the value of such a resource.

Author Robin Stevens contacted us last year as she was planning to include a British Hindu character in a forthcoming book. Although she had already done plenty of research, she wanted to consult people from a British Hindu background to ensure authenticity.We found several willing candidates in our pilot team of ambassadors – young British Hindus with very real and very relevant experience.

The result was a fully rounded character in Robin’s book, and a hugely valuable experience for several young people.  Robin tells us:

'It's important to research every aspect of your book, but sometimes research is no substitute for experience. I am so grateful to Inclusive Minds for putting me in touch with young readers from a British Hindu background, who helped me ensure that the portrayal of my detective George was not only accurate, but rang true.'

The added bonus

As well as giving marginalised young people a real voice, involvement in the network will provide insight to and experience of the publishing industry, hopefully making them feel it is a place where they can belong, and in which they can play a valuable part. This in turn should help to diversify the industry of the future.

The benefits to the young people on the ambassador scheme are many and varied, as well as being valuable work experience that may lead to references and further work experience. We’ll encourage those using the network to give back to ambassadors, and some of the benefits they might receive are listed on our ambassador page.

What will your support do?

The funds raised will enable us to manage the team of ambassadors and grow this small pilot into a broad network of young people from a wide range of backgrounds.

£4,000 will fund Inclusive Minds in recruiting young people (up to the age of 30) with an extremely diverse range of experiences and backgrounds and cover the administration and promotion of the network for two years. The funding will enable the basic network service to be free of charge, but should relationships develop or lead to more official consultation or sensitivity reading, the network user and ambassador would be expected to introduce and agree fees.

What can YOU do?


Any donation – however big or small – will help us move towards our goal.

Donors can choose from a menu of exciting rewards, including thank you messages and inclusive book artwork.

Be proud that you are helping to create a unique resource that will change the face of children’s books.

Other ways you can help

If you cannot donate yourself, there are still many ways you can help. Inclusive Minds is a collective and you can be part of it and make a difference. 

  • spread the word about our crowdfunding campaign, sharing it on Facebook and Twitter and encourage people to support us
  • help us find ambassadors to join the network
  • donate a reward for our crowdfunding campaign
  • sign our Everybody In charter
  • sign up to our newsletter.

Now is the time for real change – and YOU can make it happen.