Splendicious Names Revealed!

Bruce Bogtrotter, Augustus Gloop, Veruca Salt, Prince Pondicherry, Mr Snoddy... Could anyone possibly match Roald Dahl for creating unusual and humorous book characters?  Inclusive Minds wanted to find out! So the ‘Dahl in Day’ event at the Imagine Children’s Festival saw hundreds of children using all manner of ways to create themselves new Dahl-inspired names at the Inclusive Minds activity table. 

Here are some of our favourite gloriumptious names from the day:

Maggoty Hair Teaser

Trump-Wart Placemat

Dimple Grape Guts

Spotty Cowpat Guzzler

Slimy Cod Juicer

Wanglepong Sugar 

They were ALL so entertaining that we cannot resist sharing a few more gems:

Chucker Fondant-Floop

Burger Blaster Shunter

Shiny Snotty Snapper

Earworm Guava Smasher

Weasel Teacosy-Chops

Presto Bull Worth

Pinky Wiggle Bristle

Pomander Maggoty Eyeball

Twaddle Turnip Beard

Butterscotch Wipe-Wimple

Shiny Wriggle-Dunker

Tonka Whinge Wiper

Fungus Wrinkly Slinky

Squidy Pop-Pants

Bogbrush Whimper-Slime

Frilly Floop Syrup

Wheelbarrow Pinky Juicer

Cristian Banana-Scoffer

Beard Banana Guts

Earthworm Guava Smasher

Freckle Donut Skates

Wonka Sugar Puckle

Mouldy Slinky Berry

Loo Spotty Cheesecake

Gunzleswipe Swoggle

Saggy Kettle Brain

Furzle Lemon-Earworm

Earworm Flea Guts

Nobbler Sugar-Worth

Cowpat Snapper Face

Laminate Beetroot Dobble

Mr Bla Bla

Huge thanks to all those who took part in the activity and for all the wonderful pictures of new characters.  Sorry to all those whose names we haven't had space to include.