Annie Kubler 

I was born in 1960 in the north east of France, in a mountainous area called the Vosges, where I spent my childood.

After gaining a National Diploma in visual Communication at the School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg, with a specialism in children's illustration, she moved to England in 1985 and joined the Child's Play team. For the past 20 years she has been art director there, while illustrating many children's titles, including Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, winner of the Sainsbury's Baby Book Award in 2002.

Biz Stringer-Horne 

I'm a comicist and illustrator from Leeds. My own work looks at bringing the stories of marginalised groups into the mainstream and showing how even very different people’s experiences can be related to through universal ideas and feelings. I also work to encourage new creators to add their own voices to the growing world of comics, and What about me? is an excellent opportunity to continue with this work.

Carol Thompson 

Imagine Festival is a great opportunity for me to leave the studio: to go out into the real and diverse world of children, their carers, and families. Listening to and learning from their stories and sharing my work with them, the children help me to see how important it is to avoid drawing on stereotypes and to create unique authentic characters. Most importantly, the Imagine Festival is a great opportunity to have fun and make brilliant art together.

Claudia Boldt 

My illustration is mainly about engaging, fun characters and narratives. With five books to my name, I especially love to write and illustrate entertaining and slightly absurd comedies for four year olds. I also like drawing cities and am happily commissioned for editorial illustration.


Emily Standbury 

I learned about the event on Twitter. It grabbed my attention immediately as I had never heard of an interactive event like it before. I was intrigued to find out more and become involved. It also focuses on the thing that got me passionate about illustrating in the first place, and that's picture books!

Jane Ray 

I have been making picture books for over 20 years, but in addiiton ot working in my shed/studio at the bottom of my garden, I often visit schools, usually in London, and find that the children's ideas and perceptions are an important part of the process of making stories and picture. I think it is vital that the children I work with can see something of themselves in the pictures and stories I make for them, and I strive to make my work inclusive.

I'm delighted to be involved with Inclusive Minds at the Imagine Festival, and look forward to a day of activities and discussions that include everyone and make us all think!

Jo Empson 

I graduated from Cambridge School of Art with an MA in Children's Book Illustration. During the course, I created by first picture book, Rabbityness, which was published the following year and has been nominated for eight awards. My background as a graphic designer has had a great influence on my work, and I love playing with colour in the form of a visual narrative. My abiding wish is to produce beautiful books with depth and meaning, along with a sense of fun and surprise. 

Louie Stowell 

I'm a children's writer and cartoonist. I write stories and fact books for Usborne, run creative writing workshops, and love comics. 

Equality is a topic close to my heart. Kids should be able to see themselves in stories – whether that means more girl pirates, heroes who use wheelchairs, or more real-life stories where white isn't the default skin tone for characters. I'm thrilled to be part of this. 

Rachel Bright 

Thank goodness for the passion and energy of all the people working in children's books and literacy who organise events like this. I think, as all of us who are involved in creating and supplying stories for children feel, we have one of the best jobs in the world. A job which is all about possibility and potential. What can be better that encouraging the boundless imaginations of the youngest minds and inspiring them to reach for amazing things in life, whatever their situation or circumstance? Opportunity should be universal. Our stories should help deliver that message. I really look forward to getting out my marker pens and helping children create worlds where anything is possible.

Rebecca Elliott 

I have written and illustrated many picture books, including Cub's First Winter, Naked Trevor, and Zoo Girl. I have also written about my own children, one of whom has severe special needs, in my books Just Because and Sometimes, which have been met with tremendous accolade. Her next book about her children, Mr Super Poopy Pants is due for publication in mid-2014.

I teach adult courses on writing and illustrating children's books, regularly visit schools, and run workshops for children at events.

Sarah Arnold

I got involved because I love to meet the children and parents who read my books, and I love having the opportunity to draw with them. There is nothing I enjoy more than creating characters and ideas with others.

Sarah Garland 

I was so happy to be asked to take part in a day of events which celebrates reading and books in so many marvellous ways. I'm especially happy that it is based on a fundamental belief in equality and equal opportunities for all children.

Sarah Garland's most recent book, Azzi in Between, won the 2013 Little Rebel's Children's Book Award for radical children's fiction.

Sarah Underwood 

I'm a freelance picture book artist with a lifelong passion for art, drawing and illustration. My work is currently on display at Tower Bridge as one of ten disabled artists depicting the them 'Connections'.

Having spent 10 years working in the publishing industry, I left to pursue my illustration career and work part time for a charity supporting disabled people. I worked closely with local schools and ran art classes for children with learning difficulties.

Tamara Webster 

I'm a Bristol-dwelling storyteller, animator, illustrator and designer. My most recent animation was for The Coombes Primary School's website, to give prospective young students a flavour of what the school is like in a language that is accessible to them. At the moment, I'm working on a story and artwork with talented writer Avani Shah for Piggtale. Piggtale create animated picture books that encourage storytelling by allowing children to alter the stories. I look forward to seeing you all at Imagine Festival!

Trudi Esberger 

I work part time as a Lecturer in illustrations and write and illustrate children's books for the other part. I find it a very rewarding way to spend my time and I love what I do.

Having graduated from Cambridge School of Art with an MA in Children's Book Illustration, my first picture book, The Boy Who Lost His Bumble, is due to be published by Child's Play in 2014.

Vanda Carter 

I've illustrated the children's books Spacegirl Pukes by Katy Watson, and Want Toast by Anna Wilson. I also wrote and illustrated If I Had A Hundred Mummies.

Since 2004 I've worked as Intergenerational Development Officer for Camden Council, encouraging initiatives that bring together old and young people. I'm a member of the group Out For Our Children and live in South London with my partner and our two children.

The Inclusive Minds What about me? day at Imagine Festival looks brilliant. Not to be missed. I'm tearing myself away from Center Parcs to be there!