APATT 2018 Report - Appendix 5

Feedback from Ambassadors and Delegates


I have been dying to come to A Place At The Table ever since it began as it seems to be the most proactive and immediately tangible as regards effecting real change within the industry.

I managed to get there this year accompanied by two Young Ambassadors from Hackney New School.  We all found it so interesting and rewarding. The two students said they had never talked for that long and in that much depth to adults they didn't already know.  They found the questions sensitive, and engaging and were appreciated by the people in the forum. They felt that people genuinely wanted to know about them as young people and they were quite surprised at how important that was.

My main observation is that amongst those I met there was an utter determination to get it right for the future which in itself carries the message of respect for all.

Jo De Guia, Librarian, Hackney New School

A Place at the Table was a wonderful event that demonstrated the commitment of the publishing industry to diversity and inclusivity. The range of ambassadors and speakers, and the respect with which they were treated, spoke to a real passion for change and development, as well as the number of industry professionals who attended. As a young ambassador I felt supported, listened to and prioritised during the event and I walked away confident that my contributions had been heard and appreciated.

Robin Craig

#APATT2018 was my first event as an Ambassador for Inclusive Minds. Meeting with such a variety of creative, passionate individuals positive about making impactful and real change, was a privilege. To share my experiences with industry professionals who are striving to encompass diversity in all of its forms made for a really interesting and educational day. I came away from 'A Place of the Table' feeling inspired and hopeful that - by working collaboratively with industry professionals - change to children's and YA literature is a real possibility. All children and young people deserve to feel like their experiences are valid, and that they are represented at every level: and I am sure that the work Inclusive Minds does will help to make that a reality.

Heather Lacey

The event was such a vital opportunity for authors, publishers and others working in that field to get a chance to discuss important topics. In my case, we had very good and useful conversations about gender identity and the people involved had many questions that they had not had the chance to ask anywhere else or didn't know where to go to ask them. The event therefore provided them with a place to ask them, in a positive, non-judgemental environment. Fantastic event!

Ugla Stefanía Kristjönudóttir Jónsdóttir / Owl Fisher

Trans Activist & Co-Creator of My Genderation


"I found A Place At the Table 2018 inspiring, motivating and, at times, eye opening. The opportunity to talk with experts and ambassadors from underrepresented communities was absolutely fascinating. I was so grateful that people had taken the time to come and share their experiences with us. I hope this will be a significant step on the road to a more representative children’s publishing industry which showcases wide range of voices and reflects the beautiful diversity of our readers.”

Hannah Rolls, Senior Commissioning Editor, Children's Educational Fiction and Poetry, Bloomsbury Publishing

The Inclusive Minds event was a great forum to talk about the practical ways that Children’s Publishing can achieve more diversity, both in the content they produce and within the industry itself. The roundtable sessions were incredibly interesting and the speakers, inspiring!

Clare Whitston, Senior Commissioning Editor, Children’s Books, OUP

A Place At The Table provides a safe and trusting environment in which to talk about inclusivity. Crucially, the attendees come from a range of backgrounds, which allows the publishing community to see how it's seen and what it can be doing better.

Karen Ball, Director, Speckled Pen

I just wanted to say thank you for running such a brilliant event on Tuesday. It was great to be a part of it.
It was really interesting and useful to speak with the youth ambassadors and Jay Hulme's performance was incredible.
I have been to a few inclusivity events that have never felt that inclusive or welcoming in their approach/atmosphere but Tuesday's event really felt like an open and safe space for good conversation and sharing.
I also thought Di Airey's summary at the end of the session was brilliant and thoughtful.

Natalie Jones, Campaigns and Awards Manager, CILIP

The APATT event was so valuable. I was in touch with Roy Johnson this week and we were both saying how useful the session was that we had with Owl on trans issues. There is so much I don’t know and have never considered before and you created such a positive space in which to ask questions. It can feel really awkward sometimes to be confronted with such a different perspective on the world, but the environment Inclusive Minds created made it so much more straightforward to broach what was new to me.

Anna Ridley, Commissioning Editor, Children's Publishing, Thames & Hudson Ltd