APATT 2018 Report - Appendix 1

Notes from Question 1 of the Roundtable discussions

We’d all agree that children need access to inclusive books (featuring a range of abilities, ages, ethnicities, genders, races, religions, sexual orientations, and socio-economic classes). Please say in one sentence why you personally feel that this is important?

Because they should be

Because that’s right

Because everyone matters

Because we should

I write diverse stories because that’s the society I live in. I write for all children (Sita Brahmachari)

Because- children need representation role models in fiction and non-fiction as well as life outside books

Public libraries are for the public; children should see themselves represented on the shelves

Diverse stories give children knowledge, empathy and confidence to stand up against discrimination

Because I love reading and think it is important and enriching; I think it is an experience that include, reflect and and be enjoyed by everyone regardless of their background

Educational, human rights and moral imperative

I am the main character

It’s important for children’s sense of identity and development to see themselves in books they read otherwise they will look for it in alienated places

To feel less alone

You can’t dream in the same way

Allowing children to see themselves on the page

Children more likely to read if they can see themselves

Aspiration of diverse writers if they see other diverse stories on the market

Having a language to know who you are

Children cannot be what they cannot see

Looking for hope, while seeing people like themselves but also empathise with others not like themselves; because reading nurtures empathy

Children need access to inclusive and diverse books so they can empathise with others

Celebrate difference-other life experience and cultures through books

To walk in other people’s shoes in a safe environment

Storytelling as the foundation of everything

Bookshops should feel like safe places for everyone when they come in

To make sure all children from all walks feel they can achieve anything

Normalisation- reflection of what society is like;“just happen to use”

Because books need to represent life – and all children should be able to relate totally with someone in a book and see themselves

We are failing a potential market

Get more kids reading

If you don’t see yourself, why would you care? Why would you engage?

Children who see themselves go on to be more successful and children accept what they see and so become more empathetic adults

So that there’s a chance that every child can see themselves and be exposed to other experiences through literature

To find ourselves and explore others perspectives through books

I write for reluctant readers. Need to make sure I write for all children

“We are all diversity” makes sure we learn about our similarities rather than our differences

Because no one should be left behind

I think inclusive books are vital for

Entering fiction

Becoming a writer

Entering the workplace

Children need to see themselves in their very first book

Every child has a right to see themselves in the stories that help them make sense of the world.

Books should be diverse because books are mirrors-it’s important to see yourself in them

And they are windows into other lives

Inclusive books show children as children just not as disabled; complex; that they have aspirations

All children should be able to see themselves in books

No child should be branded by gender

We set up Lantana Publishing because we believe that all children deserve to see themselves in the books they read

What’s their experience of children’s literature?

I’m a lesbian and growing up I rarely saw queer characters in the books I read.

When I got into publishing there was real resistance to inclusion “the books won’t sell” but now diverse characters are seen as commercial opportunities

Kids books lead to happier healthier lives.