November 10 2015

Inclusive Minds launches "Ambassadors for Inclusion" 

The Inclusive Minds collective aims to bring people together, working collaboratively to develop a more inclusive children’s book landscape. In addition to our existing range of partners, supporters and collaborators, we are pleased to announce our very wonderful new network of Ambassadors for Diversity and Inclusion.

This is a team of young people and/or parents with a real interest in seeing better representation of one or more facets of diversity. These are individuals with important first-hand knowledge of particular facets of diversity and a genuine interest in sharing their expertise and experience. The potential value of this new network to the publishing sector is vast.

Many of our ambassadors are also willing to represent Inclusive Minds by taking part in media opportunities to talk about the need, provide quotes or talk at events. Ambassadors have already appeared on national television (such as Newsround), on the radio (including Radio 4), taken part in literary festivals and been interviewed by national press (incluidng the Guardian.)

Our ambassadors also play a vital role in ‘EverybodyIn’, which is our ongoing campaign to support greater inclusion and diversity, and which also sees regular fresh bouts of social media activity. The new scheme was announced in The Bookseller.